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You Know You Love Me!

And if not...well...whatever....

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December 8th, 2006

Human Decency

I've decided that there are a few people who I know in life who have forgotten about human decency. These particular people are those of who I can ask the question, "What the hell have I ever done to you?" I'm proposing that people who I know simply ask themselves, "Do I think I'm better than everyone and make rude, unfounded comments without provocation?" If you answered yes to this question please remove your head from your own ass promptly.

November 28th, 2006

Here comes Santa Clause....

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Yippee! I am really excited for Christmas this year... Working at Target makes me want to buy something for everyone I know! I will be working shoes, and I see a really sassy pair and I think, Krysta needs these shoes. Or there are these really nice shrug sweaters and there is this very light pinky/peachy colored one and I think, Briana would like that. Also, there are these pair of boots that are actually called 'Giselle'....what are the odds? However, the odds that I can afford to buy everyone presents is slim and closer to none. But at least now my friends know I was thinking of them, right? Everyone gets christmas cards!! Anyhow, speaking of Target, I have been working like crazy. I might have already mentioned this, but I am on the complete opposite schedule of almost everyone I know... I go to work when everyone else gets off, and this makes for crappy communication.

This snow makes me so very happy. However, I would appreciate a little stickage. Just a little bit.

Today is my sister's 25th birthday! She's old...half way to fifty. Damn.

That's about all...

November 24th, 2006

So, it's been a while since I last posted (about a month). I have been working soooo friggin' much it isn't really funny and I'm not laughing about it. And it's not even that I've been working an extrodinary amount of hours (only 40/week), but it's more that I work until midnight. My schedule is so messed up. I sleep until noon, and then go to work. When I get home, I see Demian for about 45 minutes until I fall asleep and then I don't wake up until noon. Ok, anyway, that is my rant about my crappy work schedule.

Now on to Thanksgiving. Today, is thanksgiving. It was fabulous. Demian's mom and step-dad drove down yesterday from Idaho and today we had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom and dad's house. The guests included Mom, Dad, Jimmy, My sister, her husband Al, his daughter Hailey, Bonnie Al's Mom from Florida, Demian, me, Sabira (Demian's mom), Roy (the step-dad), MY grandma Verna, and my second cousin Ali -- who is annoying. Good times were had and all family members got along wonderfully. It was a fun day, with really good food. I had a mission to make a name for myself with fudge. I tried two different fudge recipes and they both came out really well. I want to be the member of the family who has mastered fudge making. Also, my sister and I started an association, which others I think will appreciate: SAG -- Sisters Against Giblets. We hate them, and other's should, too.

Baby's birthday is coming up. I can't believe that child is a year old already. She's to smart, and so cute.

What else can I talk about? Should I throw a christmas party at my house? Who would come? I have about 4 friends who live near me...that's a party, right? 4 people?

Tomorrow I work Black Friday at Target, am I lucky or what?

October 27th, 2006

Once upon a year ago...

So, today is officially our one year anniversary (Demian and me). However, today, Demian had to work all day. Yesterday though, we both had the day off, so we celebrated then. Here's a run down of the events.

We slept in a little, about 9:00am. We laid around for a little while, talking and trying to figure out exactly how to spend the day. Eventually we decided.

We left the house around 11:30 noon-ish to go to Multnomah Falls. I was a little disappointed because the historic highway was closed, so we had to take the less scenic route of I-84. Once we got there it wasn't very crowded so we took the tiny hike to the bridge. I was pointing out to Demian how much the falls have actually changed since I was little. It was really cute because some people had their baby, and another couple had a big dog. We started talking about when we can have kids and a dog. It's nice being able to talk to your partner about the future without say "if we ever have kids..." or "if we get married..." It's nice that it's cemented for us, and that, if we want to, we can make plans for children and houses and dogs.

We left the falls to head to see a movie. We ended up seeing "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams, ya know, the 'comedy'. Ya right. It was funny at times, but it was not a comedy. It was a good movie, I just felt a little misled by all the previews. It was more of the thriller.

After the movie we drove to my parents house to chat for a little while.

Then we went to dinner at Red Lobster. I had the shrimp and lobster ceasar salad...it was yummy.

After dinner we went to Freddy's for some supplies.

Once home for the evening, we settled in to watch Grey's and ER, but, much to my dismay, the stupid world series interupted the regularly scheduled program. So we didn't get to watch the shows I live for. Instead, though, we lit a fire in the fireplace, I gave Demian his present, and then we **cuddled**.

After cuddling, ha ha ha, we had chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cheesecake, and sparkling cider. Yum yum yum. Then we laid around and decided to watch a movie. Then we fell asleep. All in all a good day. I love him so much, and can't wait to marry him. Even though our first year had some trials and tribulations, I think we came out on top, and I think that's the way the rest of our life together will be.

October 20th, 2006

Marriage Schmarriage

I'm eloping. This is bullshit.

October 15th, 2006

Anyone wanna trade me feet?

So, tonight, I finished working my first longer shift at Target. I only worked from 3 until 10:15, but man oh man, do my dogs ache (there's a little Diviners throwback). So far, the job seems mindless and very, very simple. I spend most of my time collecting clothes from the fitting room that people don't want, and putting them away. I also re-fold clothing that's been tampered with by careless guests. I only helped actual guests about 4 times in 7 hours.

However, while I was at work, my wonderful fiance` helped me by cleaning the rest of the house I couldn't get to this morning. My apologies to Krysta who had to see my house pre-sunday morning cleaning.

On another random note, those of you who knew me my freshman year of college might find this amusing: Today I found Crazy Kate's myspace page. I had looked for her for a while, just to see if she's still crazy. But, as it turns out, she has become bestest friends with Stacy Wagoner (?) from Barlow (I'm not 100% on the last name there). In Kate's defense, she seems like she's happy and not so crazy-like.

And finally - I have decided that everyone I know will receive christmas presents from Target. I have found some really cute stuff while folding numerous items, and one way to distract myself is to think of who I could purchase it for.

October 3rd, 2006

All in all...a bad day.

So, yesterday I went to orientation at Target. I was super excited to finally have a job. When I got there I waited for about 10 minutes and then the HR lady came out and told me I was the only one who could show up, and would I mind coming back on wednesday. Well, I understand their situation. I wouldn't want to spend all day putting one person through orientation, then two days later doing the rest of the bunch. So I said alright and left disappointed. I headed over to Brook's house to help her wrangle the babies. Everything was going alright until my mom called to tell me that my great-grandmother had passed away that morning. My mom was really upset and I was trying not to get upset. I got off the phone and then Demian called and I started to cry. Eventually, I went over to my mom's house and she was better. My great-grandmother, Ruth, was very old and had been very sick for a long time. She lived to be 99 years old. As bad as it sounds, we have all been waiting for her to die for a while, as sick as she's been. A couple days ago she stopped eating or drinking anything, so we knew it was coming. Even so, it was still upsetting. The good news, however, is that she is being flown to Chicago to be burried next to her husband who died 40 years ago. Anyhow, it was sad. The one memory I have of her was from when I was about 5. My sister and I would put fake grapes in her shoes and then ask her to go for a walk. She would go stick her foot in her shoe and say something like, "Oh my! There's grapes in my shoes!" We would laugh, then put the grapes back in her shoe and start the process over again. She always played along. Also, she had a beautiful rose garden in her backyard, and whenever I smell roses it reminds me of her.

On a completely different note: I think if I ever have a baby girl I want to name her Megan.

October 1st, 2006

I suppose one could say a lot has happened since my last entry.

1) I have obtained a job at Fairview Target (pending drug screening and background check). This is exciting because I need a job. However, my background check didn't get in soon enough so it seems I wont be able to start until October 15th.

2) My boyfriend had obtained an engagement ring for me. He has not yet proposed, but I am anxiously waiting on pins and freakin' needles to get asked.

3) Have started to think about my wedding, and **GASP** children. Brook and I really want to get pregnant around the same time. So, next August I think I will be taking myself off the pill in preparation for the September wedding I will soon be planning. I know some people will think it is a little sudden to try and get pregnant right after getting married, but I think Demian really wants to have a baby, or rather, have me have his baby. And I want that too.

4) Still have not gotten on the substitute list because people do not know how to use phones.

5) Am still suffering from some sort of insomnia, hence my 1am blog entry. However, have discovered that over the counter sleeping pills help. I took them about 10 minutes ago, so they should kick in here soon enough.

September 12th, 2006

What a freakin' hassle....

So, first of all, I woke up all sick this morning....again. I am tired of being sick, and it needs to stop. Secondly, the lady from the district office called me this morning and told me that next week she would call me to tell me when I can come in to register for the sub list. Then she asks me, "You need to bring in your teaching license, driver's license, and your social security card." Then it dawned on me. My SSC was stolen from my car 4 years ago. I have never had to show my SSC since it was stollen, and I am so mad at myself. How the hell did I expect to get a job without my Social Security card?!? I'm a dumbass...

September 3rd, 2006

Well, the best news I will share first. My Grandmother has managed to make some sort of miraculous recovery. When everyone thought she was dying, she decided to get better. When my mom finally made it to see her, my grandmother was sitting up in bed, no longer on a ventilater, no treach (sp?), moving all of her limbs, no longer seizing. She is still pretty sick with pnemonea (sp? again), and has some memory issues, but she's way better than she was even three days ago. This is good news for now, but there are really no guaruntees.

Other good news. I am feeling a little better. D and I had a really good talk, spent some good time together like couples should, and I am feeling better about the whole situation. Also, girls you might understand this, for vacation I straight cycled with my BCPills, so I hadn't had a period in 2 months. I finally started and I think it ended some sort of hormone gridlock.

I went to see my Dad's side of the fam today, which was nice. I never really get to see them so it was fun. It was my grandma's birthday, so there was merriment. Also, when I got there they were playing this really fun game. Games have really been showing up in my life lately. Brook's grandpa showed me how to play dominoes, and my grandma taught me this rummiekub game. I really like games, and I really have none. I need some. Some games.

Still waiting to hear from Borders to see if I got that job. That would be really nice to have something to do for about 20 hours a week.

Demian's new job will get us back on our feet pretty soon, so that perhaps I can visit NY or CO soon. I have friends I miss. I want to see them.

All in all, I am glad I feel better. I hope I continue to feel this good.
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